Creating magnetic places is so much more than just the bricks and mortar. Our diverse team puts the soul into projects, looking at every customer touchpoint to deliver a vision that resonates with customers and community alike.

  • We acknowledge the First Peoples and Traditional Owners of the land we now call Australia, and celebrate the history and contemporary creativity of the world’s oldest continuous living culture.


The Place Agency was launched with a clear mission: to activate and revitalise underutilised spaces. From converting old banks into new co-retail experiences, to closing major roads and turning them into public parks, we have been able to take spaces of all shapes and sizes and reimagine them into new and exciting destinations.

Today, we are dedicated to helping companies, councils and brands to reconnect with their communities and create ecosystems of economy. And whilst our team and skill sets have grown over the years, our mission and our passion for the work we do has never changed.


We are a dynamic mix of specialist consultants hailing from a diverse range of backgrounds. While our skillsets and resumes differ, we are all united in our understanding of people and community, and how they interact with spaces and places.

Jamie Jory
Senior Project Manager
James Mitchell
Marketing Director
Hugo Lamb
Director - Strategy & Creative
Gregg Amies
Director - Partnerships
Nick Swanton
Project Manager
Jack Curnow
Project Manager
Sam Reiher
Skye O'Dell
Project Manager
Tiff Barrass
Project Manager
Sarah Bray
Curation Manager
Nat Grigg
Louise Blosfelds-Hayes
Account Manager
Jack Amies
Managing Director

We work with a range of incredible people and teams in the creation of our places. From local governments to banks, property groups and everything in between, our clients represent a collection of people who like to think outside the box and make magic happen.