Activating Stonnington

The City of Stonnington contains many of Australia’s most popular and historic retail high streets including Chapel Street, Toorak Road and Glenferrie Road. Working with Council and local traders, The Place Agency developed an action plan to improve the resilience, identity and competitiveness of these vital places via an integrated retail strategy.

CLIENT: City of Stonnington|
LOCATION: Stonnington LGA|
CAPABILITIES: Retail Strategy

The action plan contained fifteen initiatives that had been developed in consultation with businesses, landlords, real estate agents, retails experts and business associations.

The initiatives were designed to either attract new tenants to Stonnington’s retail precincts, retain existing tenants by helping them remain commercially successful, or activate vacant tenancies and spaces to improve the experience of shoppers. By focusing on these three objectives, the plan addresses the immediate challenges faced by businesses and precincts, while also supporting greater long-term sustainability and building resilience.