Domain Road Pop Up Park

Domain Road is one of Melbourne's iconic retail destinations, home to establishments including the famous Botanical Hotel. In 2019, Domain Road was closed at one end of the street, due to the Metro Tunnel project causing the famous '58' tram to be redirected for the term of construction.

The Place Agency were tasked to help support the retailers as they navigated through this major change. Working collaboratively with them to explore ideas that would not only benefit them but the local community around.

CLIENT: Cross Yarra Partnership|
LOCATION: Melbourne|
CAPABILITIES: Retail Strategy, Community Engagement, Activation and Placemaking

After an extensive co-design process, the Domain Road Pop Up Parks were installed in December 2019. Originally a trial to test engagement, the parks were an instant success completely revolutionising the street and dining experience.

Not only did the parks create extended dining space for traders but they also provide a safe environment for pedestrians and retail customers, leading to an increase of dwell time.

The parks are also credited with increasing average basket spend at each of the businesses.