North West Melbourne Precinct Association

The North West Melbourne Precinct Association are a traders association with 110 members, representing the area encompassing North Melbourne and Errol Street. They represent the interest of these local businesses and champion local the precinct.

As part of their ongoing development, the Association identified the requirement for a 5 years strategic plan that would help support businesses, attract new customers and increase the profile of the precinct.

LOCATION: Melbourne|
CAPABILITIES: Strategic Planning, Retailer Engagement, Community Engagement

The precinct strategy was developed through ongoing consultation with the Association and it’s members. Key priorities included improving the brand and identity of the precinct, better supporting members with networking, upskilling, and social experiences, identifying public space and placemaking opportunties to increase the appeal of the precinct and to create more places where people can connect.

The Place Agency also provided key recommendations for the Association to adapt and improve their place management and governance model. These were seen as crucial first steps in increasing the capacity of the group to deliver the strategy.