Sydney Metro North West Rail

Sydney Metro Northwest is delivering a network of new railway stations to Sydney’s growing north-west. Urban Growth engaged The Place Agency as part of a consultant team that tailored a collection of Activation Strategies for five station precincts.

Each Strategy was intended to define the character and user journey experience of each station, and to provide design recommendations for place activation.

CLIENT: Urban Growth NSW|
LOCATION: Sydney North West Corridor|
CAPABILITIES: Experience Design and Place Activation

Urban Growth sought advice on how to use activation as a tool to attract investment, speed up the development timeline, encourage transit use, minimise the disruption caused by long-term development and to enhance the place appeal and character.

For each station, we provided a detailed Activation Strategy that articulated where initiatives should go, when they should go live, how much they will cost, and which key local area stakeholder might be involved in its delivery.