Urban Parker – Taking car parks and creating spaces for people


Are you looking for a proven solution to extend street and outdoor dining? Our parklet product is the pedestrian safe, off-the-shelf, street dining solution, ready for immediate install in Melbourne and beyond.

In partnership with the team at Enlocus, our parklet solution not only supports local businesses with a quantifiable uptick in sales but will generate wide support from local community.

Our design considers councils’ compliance requirements and our engineered solution provides hostile vehicle mitigation to keep pedestrians and patrons safe on all types of roadways. Plus, its unique structural design means it can be installed on any type of road level, footpath type or gradient without the need for redesign.

We are excited to bring this solution forward to help local businesses get back on their feet as we come out of COVID. By creating extra space for retail to operate and the community to gather, we have seen not only a clear uptick for retailers bottom line but the opportunity to create a genuine space that matches community with commercial.

Our Parkers are designed and built in Melbourne but are serviceable across the country. And the best part is if you need to take them out, it’s as easy as just saying the word.

If you have any questions on the parklet or would like more information, please contact us hello@theplaceagency.com