Yarra's Edge

Yarra’s Edge is a 14-hectare site located on the north facing bank of the Yarra River in Melbourne's Docklands. Mirvac commenced works at Yarra's Edge in 1999 and on completion, the precinct will include around 2,300 dwellings, with a component of retail, commercial space and a marina. The project also sits within the Fishermans Bend precinct.

The Place Agency were engaged to develop a bespoke retail strategy for this distinctive new community, engaging with current and future stakeholders to design an experience that spoke to both current and future residents.

CLIENT: Mirvac|
LOCATION: Melbourne|
CAPABILITIES: Retail Strategy, Community Engagement

Future planning has allowed for a small retail centre to accommodate the growing population, and there is a desire to attract high quality food and beverage operators to the area to create a neighbourhood hub similar to those found in Port Melbourne and Albert Park.

To achieve this outcome and better understand what businesses would work in the area in the short term, we interviewed local residents as well as existing traders. These qualitative interviews helped us to paint a picture of the existing conditions and retail experience, and to uncover the gaps in the markets that could be addressed

Our retail strategy went further than a typical analysis and provided recommendations to our client on how they could elevate retail as a whole (not just focus on the new hub). This approach was seen as important to enhancing the place brand and residential proposition, while also supporting the future success of the hub.