Tackling vacancy in retail precincts


Revitalising Retail Precincts – City of Stonnington

With retail precincts shut up across the country and businesses going online, COVID-19 could be a nail in the coffin for our local high-streets.

In early 2019 we worked with the City of Stonnington to develop a holistic strategy for revitalising their high streets that identified opportunities for attracting new businesses, retaining existing businesses, and activating places in order to increase visitation and spend. What we uncovered were six key pillars for resilient retail precincts:

Diversity – a mix of business types including services, food and beverage (at different price points), retail and speciality stores.

Local economy – an attention to local residents, providing them a high-quality offer.

Identity – a clear value proposition expressed in a distinct identity that resonates with customers.

Drawcards – unique places, spaces, programs and events that encourage return visitation and foster a deeper attachment to place.

Placemaking – streetscaping that enhances the character of the area, that slows down visitors and makes the place ‘sticky.’

Accessibility – clear signage and wayfinding, improved footpaths and lighting, as well as a high-quality online presence that helps people navigate a precinct both physically and digitally.